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Cruise clothing evening essentials

Dress for the Evening

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Dare to impress the Captain, being ordinary looking is not your plan – wear a classy cocktail dress with shoes and jewelry to match, add some light make up that doesn’t makes you look like an entertainer, and whatever makes you feel ready to party all night.  If you are not into cocktail dresses, you can wear a gown if this is more your style.

Get yourself in dressing up at night time, during fine dinning, social drinks with people on the cruise or entertainment shows. Avoid high heels unless you’re planning to have a couple of drinks while you strut you stuff on the dance floor.  Get some flats, as so long as they’re are not too casual and flip flops is not ideal in these occasions.

On regular nights, casual shirt and shorts with flip flops can be worn on all you can eat dinner buffet.  If you do decide to go to the dining room, do try to look smart casual with a feminine resort wear dress and a comfortable flats or you can also wear jeans, a stylish top, and put your best foot forward with a pair of ever-stylish wedges.

You don’t want to look boring, dressing up casually for dinner on regular nights does not mean you take the clothes you wear when you go grocery shopping, you are on vacation cruise ship or a resort and you still want to look fabulous if you’re heading down the club or entertainment afterwards.  It does take some time looking to which clothing to take but it will make everything memorable and you will have fun when you go out with your partner or friends!

Where to buy some Cruise wear clothing?

Check out our Showroom for cruise clothing or go directly to Google  and search for ‘cruise wear’ or ‘resort wear’  to see if you can find some store retailers near you or better yet, browse online if you don’t have the time.


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