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How to have a good dress sense for ladies

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Choosing the right clothes is the perfect way to show your unique personality to the world. People with good dress sense wisely chooses the the color, style and type of fabric of their clothes, they don’t need to be a trend setter but they are open to what is currently fashionable.

The options are limitless!   It’s all about being creative and  experiment with different outfits that compliment your figure and express your unique style. I do suggest to browse online to get some ideas.  Try to imagine how you would look with the clothes or just try them out in the shops before you buy.   After all, you are in control and you express your style that is truly as your own!

Let’s talk about resort wear or cruise wear.  It may be common sense but it is an important step to know the weather before taking on what to wear.  If you are out and about in the summer heat, dress to fit into casual setting. Knowing the current conditions makes deciding what to wear easier and ensures you look appropriate, regardless the time of day.

Let’s be honest, everyone has different figure types.  It does not matter what your shape or size is but determining what looks best for your shape matters.  Not everyone has a perfect dress sense but doing a trial and error first can help to find the suitable style for your body.  Try to keep in mind to be patient and work through the whole process.  You’ll notice when you hit the right combination, your friends and family will start commenting on the clothes you wear.  You’ll stand out on photos when you are out travelling or an evening night out.

Also, keep in mind to dress well for less.  You might look like a model but it’s not going to help if you can’t go anywhere.




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