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For Ladies Who doesn’t Want to Wear Swimsuits, These Stylish Summer Outfits Are For You

Honestly, how hard is it to go shopping for swimsuits.  It takes quite a mount of effort to find a suit that is eye catching, functional and stylish.   If you haven’t found the right one during the summer season, you’ll be spending socially avoiding pool parties and beach trips.

Why not search for an alternative. For the ladies in all shapes and sizes who hate bathing suits and bathing suit shopping, why not just wear a cute cover-up or resort wear dresses on the beach? We’re not talking full coverage maxi dresses. We mean mini dress, sheer skirts and shirt dress. Things that won’t leave you totally exposed, but will still give off that resort style, summer look.

Check out our store for some ideas for those who have the no swimsuit on a beach thing,  below is some of our favorite cover-ups.

summer mini dress     summer mini dress 2  summer mini dress 3

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Looking for Kate Middleton outfits for less?

Dressing like a princess does not have to mean that you have to exactly follow Kate Middleton style designer brands.  It’s as easy as finding out what key fashion elements of the style that you like and closely put them together that compliments your looks.

Let’s look at some of Kate’s shift dresses.

Kate Middleton Yellow Dress
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Kate Middleton White dress
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Whether you at work  in a corporate environment or out and about travelling, there are dresses that can be found that is less than the price of Kate’s dresses.

Grab yourself a shift dress that are a stylish pick for spring and summer. They’re flirtatious, very elegant, and beautifully colorful! It is comfortably easy to wear and keeps you light and breezy while looking cool and that’s what summer style is all about. For those who never worn or owned one, a shift dress has simple lines, that can have an easy fit to whoever wears it.  They can conform and flatter most figures and no defined waist.

Look for these designers like Anne Klein, Nine West, Calvin Klein and Donna Morgan. Big name brand shifts from Burberry or Dolce & Gabbana can go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but you can find similar dresses to look like Kate Middleton.


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What dress to wear to a beach wedding as a Guest

What dress to wear to a beach wedding as a Guest
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In case you’ve been invited to a few beach weddings and wondered what dress to wear to a beach wedding as a guest.  Look no further than the tips we provide.

Just think over the impact this will have on your bank account, a straightforward smart approach to saving some cash as a guest is to shop for a dress you really cherish and wear it to each wedding you go to for a whole season.

Regardless of the possibility that the same gathering of companions will be in participation at each one wedding, so what? Re-wearing the same dress over and over isn’t unfashionable.  The art of being a fashion chameleon takes place.  Changing to a different jewelry accessories or even alternating the type of shoes will give the illusion of different styles.

Also you can tweak your makeup and hairdo to provide for it a different vibe  at each wedding. (Extra focuses on the off chance that you can include tights and a dressy cardigan to wear it in the fall and winter too!) And on the off chance that you have a ton of pre-wedding occasions to go to, have a another choice of a simple dress that will compliment for showers, dinners and weddings.

Wear one dress to the shower or practice and the other to the wedding…Its all about coordinating your style by swapping them for the following round of wedding occasions you go to.

To get some ideas of what to wear, visit our Showroom for the latest trend and designer brands.

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Where to shop for affordable resort wear dresses

Where to shop for affordable resort wear dresses
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When you are taking some time off you need to be at your best for the least amount of effort and money. Resort wear could be extremely expensive, yet fortunately there are numerous approaches to discover excellent stylish resort wear dresses, with the goal that you look like a fashionista at the resort.

If you are budget conscious and wanted to try on some resort wear dresses, it’s best to go shopping at places where all the celebrities or high end shoppers go.  Look for second hand retail shops or weekend markets that sell same looking garments for low price compare to the one sold in fancy expensive retail chains. Make sure you know what you are after by checking out online sale sites, blowout sales, and at thrift stores.

The single most ideal approach to discover competitive resort wear dresses are on web sites like When you scan for dresses on you will discover the same precise originators and dresses that they offer in unreasonable clothiers and retail chains for a small amount of the expense. As high as 80 to 90 percent off, these dresses are overload from retail establishments, and little organizations purchase them and offer them on Basically, you are buying literally the same resort wear dresses on Amazon for less than the stores at the shopping center. Look on Amazon and other closeout sites, look for your size dress, and you will save a huge amount on resort wear dresses.

An alternate approach to discover reasonable resort wear dresses is by searching for huge deals at our showroom. There are blowouts, walkway deals, one-day deals and even occasion deals that can help you save a lot of money. To get more value deals you ought to look in fashion magazines or catalogs, or go to the nearest retail store.

You can also spare a considerable amount on the cost by getting yourself to do some “thrifting” at neighbourhood garments thrift stores, Salvation Armed force and goodwill stores. At times you will discover some excellent second hand resort wear dresses for significantly less of the full price. When you shop at thrift stores or second-hand stores make certain to look closely to what you are buying. Check the zippers and verify there are no stains. These tips will permit you to buy quality resort wear dresses at a very low price, so your spending power is a lot more, and you can take the new clothes on your next vacation.

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Looking for stylish Resort Wear for Plus-Size Women?

NY Collection Women's Plus-Size Sleeveless Twist Front V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress, Blue Baikal, 1X
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Resort wear clothing comes in a combination of beachwear, casual wear and luxury dresses that is worn during summer weather or tropical vacation. Stylish resort wear is generally more formal and on occasions worn during cocktail or evening attire. There are many available options on our website or search online using Google or Yahoo for plus size resort wear for women.  Choose simply for an elegant and streamlined look while on vacation.

A long maxi dress is one of the most elegant and expensive looking resort wear options available to a plus-sized woman. Start with a cotton fabric jersey or solid look maxi dress in a tropical print or vivid color, and pair it with stylish flat sandals or wedges and include some flashy earrings for fine dinning or while on an evening stroll on the beach.  Solid colors will show more of a slimming look than prints, so you may wish to keep your dress all on one of your favorite color or in an multiple shade of colors for a little variation. If you like to have something to cover your arms, choose a caftan style maxi dress with bigger sleeves, or keep wrapped in a light shawl or cotton fabric blouse over your dress.

If you like to go for a shorter dress, look for something that is above the knee and highlights a conservative neckline or long sleeves for an even look.  Try on a shift dress or a tunic style that suits the waist to show a nice shape that will highlight your curves.   Ladies with a larger bust can go for a v-neck look, as long as it doesn’t show to much cleavage.  Larger size ladies should avoid spaghetti straps and dresses with horizontal lines or stripes which add to the width.

Try to learn to mix and match with some of your old outfits to give them a whole new look.  Browse our showroom for some ideas or visit online retailer such as for vacation clothes.


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Stylish travel dresses to pack for vacation

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Should you take a cocktail or print dresses.  Thinking of which items of clothing to take to vacation can sometimes be stressful.  You’ve already organised your itinerary but  found that you still need to make sure that you have the right clothes for the right occasion while travelling.

Everyone wants to look great while out of town. Whether it’s on a resort beach, nightclubs or exotic places.  Don’t be an over packer,  sometimes you feel that you’ve forgotten something while on vacation.  Take some time to check what you really need.

For someone who travels quite often, packing can be a science on its own.  I’m a strong believer in starting early to avoid frantically grabbing things to put into a suite case at the last minute.

Here are some stylish travel dresses essentials that you would not leave without.

Maxi dresses are excellent on  a warm summers day or night,  it keeps you cool. Choose the dresses with fabrics that is made wrinkle-free, so you can easily pack them up in to your suitcase for easy carry, low-maintenance vacation wear.  Once you realize how easy to pack these clothes and start wearing them on your travels, you will never think of anything else to take with you.  It is very comfortable and easy to wear and pack.

You can easily dress up or down with a matte jersey travel dress, it won’t wrinkle in your suitcase, and can be washed on the go because  it dries really quickly, it means hand wash or spot clean in your hotel bathroom sink and then can be worn the next day.  I suggest to get dark colors when picking the dresses,  it’s quite versatile and you can make a cheap looking dress more expensive and stylish.  A solid dress does not stand out as much than a print dress, it means that wearing it multiple times and changing your clothes accessories without being obvious that you wore it in the same week.



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Cruise clothing evening essentials

Dress for the Evening

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Dare to impress the Captain, being ordinary looking is not your plan – wear a classy cocktail dress with shoes and jewelry to match, add some light make up that doesn’t makes you look like an entertainer, and whatever makes you feel ready to party all night.  If you are not into cocktail dresses, you can wear a gown if this is more your style.

Get yourself in dressing up at night time, during fine dinning, social drinks with people on the cruise or entertainment shows. Avoid high heels unless you’re planning to have a couple of drinks while you strut you stuff on the dance floor.  Get some flats, as so long as they’re are not too casual and flip flops is not ideal in these occasions.

On regular nights, casual shirt and shorts with flip flops can be worn on all you can eat dinner buffet.  If you do decide to go to the dining room, do try to look smart casual with a feminine resort wear dress and a comfortable flats or you can also wear jeans, a stylish top, and put your best foot forward with a pair of ever-stylish wedges.

You don’t want to look boring, dressing up casually for dinner on regular nights does not mean you take the clothes you wear when you go grocery shopping, you are on vacation cruise ship or a resort and you still want to look fabulous if you’re heading down the club or entertainment afterwards.  It does take some time looking to which clothing to take but it will make everything memorable and you will have fun when you go out with your partner or friends!

Where to buy some Cruise wear clothing?

Check out our Showroom for cruise clothing or go directly to Google  and search for ‘cruise wear’ or ‘resort wear’  to see if you can find some store retailers near you or better yet, browse online if you don’t have the time.


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How to have a good dress sense for ladies

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Choosing the right clothes is the perfect way to show your unique personality to the world. People with good dress sense wisely chooses the the color, style and type of fabric of their clothes, they don’t need to be a trend setter but they are open to what is currently fashionable.

The options are limitless!   It’s all about being creative and  experiment with different outfits that compliment your figure and express your unique style. I do suggest to browse online to get some ideas.  Try to imagine how you would look with the clothes or just try them out in the shops before you buy.   After all, you are in control and you express your style that is truly as your own!

Let’s talk about resort wear or cruise wear.  It may be common sense but it is an important step to know the weather before taking on what to wear.  If you are out and about in the summer heat, dress to fit into casual setting. Knowing the current conditions makes deciding what to wear easier and ensures you look appropriate, regardless the time of day.

Let’s be honest, everyone has different figure types.  It does not matter what your shape or size is but determining what looks best for your shape matters.  Not everyone has a perfect dress sense but doing a trial and error first can help to find the suitable style for your body.  Try to keep in mind to be patient and work through the whole process.  You’ll notice when you hit the right combination, your friends and family will start commenting on the clothes you wear.  You’ll stand out on photos when you are out travelling or an evening night out.

Also, keep in mind to dress well for less.  You might look like a model but it’s not going to help if you can’t go anywhere.




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Which clothes to take on vacation?

exotic resort placeIt is that time of the year that you planned a vacation trip, either to an exotic resort place or take a luxury cruise to the Bahamas. One important issue for everyone.  Which clothes to take on vacation?

Choosing the right clothes to wear for the trip will match to the location and the purpose of the trip.  You might have been invited to a cruise or resort style wedding and you know that taking your beach wear is not enough.

Before packing all of your  travel clothes, you must know the weather of the place where you are planning to go for a trip.  Cruise wear or resort wear dresses for women gives the flexibility of catering the warm weather and also looking comfortably stylish during the event.  Another thing which you must keep in mind is to travel light, you want to enjoy your trip without carrying to much luggage and spending too much money in washing and ironing the clothes.

Choose the type of clothes that will complement the place and you can share those memorable pictures when you upload to social websites such as Facebook or Instagram.  Take note that choosing the clothes with the right color blend  can make you look calm and also make you feel relaxed during your travel trip.

Keeping all of these things in mind, you will look and feel great at the same time.

If you still not sure what to take to your trip and are busy to go shopping during a working day, then take the time to browse online. It is known that traditional way of shopping is time consuming. It can be stressful especially if you have a short time before taking the trip.  You’ll be shopping around many stores in order to get the desired clothes.

Just browse on our site Resort Wear Dresses to discover the latest trend and spend more time planning and how to enjoy your trip.